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This site was started to share info about my Dad.
Now it is a place for me to share "family & friend"
stuff that doesn't belong on the other site.
Always under construction....

My Dad passed away on 2/10/09 - Please enjoy the notes of our trips ~ to read his info, please see his page "Dad"

SEPT 2008 = trip to Savannah, GA

Our trip started with a drive through the eye of hurricane Hanna !!! Uneventful - TG !!!

Why Savannah ? Dad had a reunion of his LSM Assoc. (landing ships). WWII Navy - Dad was all around the Philippines area. There were approx 150 members + their guests = over 300 attended. We met up with his shipmate/buddy ("Charlie" from VA) & We made new friends too (NY & RI).

We got to sight see too - I took way too many photos (over 400) Besides the reunion, photo & memories sharing, banquet & new friends, there are: Side trips in Dad's car & our group's tours = Wormsloe (1 1/2 miles of gorgeous oaks with Spanish moss + plantation ruins), Tybee Island, Shrimp boats & beach, Fort Jackson with honors, dinner, singing & the cannon, River Street & cobblestone at night & again for lunch, Dinner Cruise & dancing on the riverboat, Paula Deen tour, Mrs Wilke's family-style meal, my walk around the city, home of Girl Scouts, Parks, Statues, Fountains, Old police cars, Bells, historic Cemetery, churches, Views from the hotel room. Then in NC = finally a Cotton field (with a county sheriff - He liked the car) and plenty of Crepe-myrtle trees.

You'll see Dad with a walker = His gout acted up before we left home - He's walking fine now that we are hme !!!

Here's a link to the photos = ENJOY !!!! ~ I'll eventually find time to add captions -
Snapfish is a FREE and User-Friendly site to share photes .....


Dad & I - visiting SD

We travelled across the entire state. It is a beautiful place !!!! Dad & I took the trip to SD so I could see the land which was homesteaded by my ancestors.

What else will you find here ???

Maybe some Seasonal jokes, stories,
cards, poems or games ....

Perhaps there will be stories or more photos
from our vacations or hobbies.

For now, most every thing is still on my other site !!!!

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